Hack Clash Royale – How to use our hack for gems and gold

.Clash Royale cheats get unlimited gems in two minutes on your smartphone iOS or Android. When you download and install the game for the first time on your mobile device or computer, you automatically receive 100 gems. With our Clash Royale hack you can get unlimited gems on iOS and Android quickly without risk so don’t hesitate it’s free!”achievements” can also get free gems.

At present, there are eight objectives that allow to unlock. Join a clan’s win 100 gems, give 25 cards to a friend actually win 3, win 1,000 cards in tournament lets you get 10 gems, etc. The achievements are not a source of gems on the long term, since there are only eight goals to be achieved and that it is not possible to repeat them several times. Gems can also be obtained by opening chests. Attention, all the chests do not contain gems and they do usually very little. You will never find a gem inside a safe in silver or gold. Only free chests and coffers of Crown contain gems (up to four per chest): free safes are not always on Clash Royale.  Finally, it is possible to use real money to buy gems directly from the store.Several offers exist. The smallest offer costs € 0.99 and contains 80 gems. The most expensive offer costs € 99.99 and earns you 14 000 gems. Then there are intermediate levels, like the offer to € 9.99 (1 200 gems) or € 19.99 (2 500 gems). You quickly understand that the unit price of gems decreases with the quantity purchased.


How To Use Clash Royale Hack

  1. Start by clicking the Clash royale hack button below.
  2. Submit your User ID.
  3. Select your current device.
  4. Choose a number of gems, gold, and elixir.
  5. Click the generate button.
  6. Wait for it to finish.
  7. Sometimes a verification will appear, it’s random but you have to complete it.
  8. Refresh your clash royale game by logging out and log in again.

Get Resources

What to do with gems ?.

The Royale clash gems can accelerate the progression of the player in the Clash Royale generator. They are mainly three utilities. Gems can be used to accelerate the opening of the vault. You should know that the coffers do not instantly open: a silver chest takes three hours, a magic chest requires 12 hours, etc. Using a gem allows to reduce time of ten minutes, so it may be quite expensive on the longest to open chests. Gems can also be used to buy gold and chests in the shop. We know the functioning of the coffers, but what gold?Gold allows you to level up your cards, to buy new cards or create a clan (and then 1 000). Finally, the gems are useful on Clash Royale to start tournaments that can pay off big (gold and new cards).

Our advice for the purchase of gems

It may be tempting to buy gems in store to progress more quickly in Clash Royale. If you have money to spend on the gems, follow our tips to optimize its use.It should be noted that the unit price of gems decreases depending on the quantity purchased. Thus, when you buy 80 gems for € 0.99, 100 gems cost € 1.23. On the other hand, when you buy 14 000 gems with the offer at € 99.99, hundred gems cost € 0.71. We recommend you to minimize your purchases of gems preferring to do large orders, rather than small purchases to € 0.99. Our final advice: use wisely your gems. We think that it is smart to keep aside for accelerate the opening of your boxes when you can no longer accumulate. Don’t forget to take a look at our blog clash royale tip.

How to become stronger on Royale clash

Society Supercell struck a big blow with the release years past of those three games that are the most downloaded games of strategies on smartphones. It has left its mark the game market on mobile phone with games like Clash Of Clans or Boom Beach. The game we’ll talk about here is a game inspired by Clash of Clans and who is positioning itself in front of the latter in the ranking of the games most download. Royale clash, that’s his name, and to play and evolve quickly you will definitely want to know tips and technique that will help you? That’s what we’re going to spread you out here.

Play and play again

Well Yes! This seems rather trivial, but to evolve you have to play. However, do not play without purpose and strategy. What do you mean? To play effectively and win the most resource, you must play to win. This means that you need to play only when you have the opportunity to earn chests. This is necessary because the chests are a safe and efficient way. To make resources such as gems or gold coins !.

With the new update, you have the opportunity to earn new cards which differ depending on your arena of combat. For example, you will find the ice sorcerer, the spirits of fire. More you play for chests, the more you increase your chances of winning impressive chests and coffers giant or super magical. Play all the time you may rise to the level of the number of trophies, but allows you to earn additional chests once your safe list is full.

Do not stay all the time in the same arena

To have more chance to win cards Spades or super rare, you have to ride cautiously and take care to win all the cards an arena. Also before getting to the next level. This ensures a powerful and dynamic card game. Once you have collected all the cards of an arena, you can seek to move to the upper arena that guarantees a certain stability in your advancement.

The other element that it does not neglect is the improvement of the cards, because it doesn’t help of collected cards to keep them level 1. It is therefore important to improve your cards especially those you use the most.

More a card at a high level, the more its attack and defense points are important. Improving cards go hand in hand with developments in the game. To evolve rapidly in this strategy game, you need so play smart and be a little patient to harvest each arena cards and improve. This game is a boon for players who like to use their brains to play!.

Use now our clash royale hack to be the best!.